Great Digital Information Systems for Greater outcomes in the Hume Region

Hume Rural Health Alliance (HRHA) is responsible for the provision of core Information and Communication Technology (ICT) products and services in accordance with the Rural public healthcare agencies' ICT Alliance Policy.
HRHA operates under a joint venture arrangement, which comprises of 16 public health services across the Hume region.

What do Great Digital Information Systems for Great Care outcomes look like?

Patient Safety

Having resilient, information rich, and connected care practices in Hume, with the capability to analyse patient pathways and outcomes.

Connected Care

Having good information that follows the patient across all care providers, with Health Services working as part of an integrated service.

Virtual Care

Creating more accessible options for home-based and virtual care delivery


Providing consumers with easy access to their own healthcare information


Working together to ensure clear alignment of the digital health services with Hume region, including their goals and objectives, and enhancing service transparency and compliance.


Enhancing sustainability through increased supplier leverage including purchasing power, resource availability & capability. Ensuring an ongoing focus on the delivery of patient care.


Improving our regional digital resilience to respond to emerging needs, outages and Cyber-attack to enable continuity of services and the delivery of ongoing patient care.